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djembe (ˈdʒɛmbɛ)

— noun
(Instruments) a West African drum played by beating with bare hand

Djembe is a kind of goblet-shaped hand drum originating in West Africa. It has become a kind of universal language around the world. As one said, "beating the djembe could hurt your hands, but it can show you the way to obtain knowledge of nature..."

The history of djembe manufacturing in Bali, Indonesia, can be traced back to year of 1880 when Indonesia was under Dutch colonial. In the small village near Blitar, East Java, some dedicated hard-working people had made wooden drums with very limited tools and equipment, Those wooden drums were normally used as musical instruments during traditional rituals, as well as for Moslems call for prayers.

Since early 1990, that small village near Blitar in East Java, Indonesia, has been transformed as one of the biggest producer of Djembe in the world. Millions pieces of Djembe have been shipped from this small village to Europe, America, Middle East, and even to West Africa countries where this music instrument originated from. From this village, a lot of plain djembes were sent to Bali for further carving and painting decoration, and eventually they are claimed to be Bali Djembe.

We at Djembe World have been preserving this local wisdom and craftsmanship skills in Djembe making to serve all Djembe lovers around the world. With a complete set of wood-working equipment combined with high skills of craftsmanship and artistic senses, it is our ultimate mission to serve all Djembe lovers around the world with high quality djembe available in the world market at reasonable price.